We focus on women with fuller figures but we also cater for petite figures and we keep ample stock from sizes 30A to 54J. We also help women who have difficulty in finding a well-fitting bra, because of certain conditions, such as one breast bigger than the other, a very broad back, a very full breast or a very small back with very big breast. So, whatever the problem may be, we can help.

We also cater for women who just wants a comfortable, beautiful, well-fitting bra. We provide professional fitting services through our trained corsetiers. Education is part of the fitting process to help women make an informed decision on what style will fit their body and lifestyle.

Bra Essentials That Every Woman Should Know

A bra is part and parcel of every woman’s everyday life, and every woman should know the basics of bra fitting. Mothers should teach that to their daughters!


But choosing a bra can prove to be a real mission.

So here is the secret: Bras and breasts are like feet and shoes. Sure, the shoe size must be right, but the shape of the shoe has to fit the shape of the foot. A broad foot cannot be squeezed into a narrow shoe, even if it is the right size!

The same rule goes for bras. Think about it, the shape of the bra cup must fit the shape of the breast. And like feet, breasts come in different shapes – We cannot all wear the same style bra!


A bra has two sizes, the back size, which usually start with 30” and goes up to 50”, and the cup sizes which are AA, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H. (E is a European size and DD is American, but it is the same size, and F is DDD).

To get a perfect fit, the back size and the cup size must be right, but the shape of the bra cup must fit the shape of the breast.

When buying a bra do the “T-shirt test”. Yes, as we all know a tight fitting T-shirt will show sagging breasts and bulges. Your t-shirt should be smooth in front and at the back with no bulges showing! The bra should fit snugly around the body, and the back strap should be just below the shoulder blades.

If it is too big it will ride up between the shoulder blades and what goes up at the back will come down in the front and there is nothing that says old and tired like a sagging breast.

To test if the back straps is tight enough, put your hands up in the air like catching a ball, if the bra lifts in front, it is too big around the back. If the back strap curls up it is too tight.

The shoulder straps should not cause indentations across the shoulder. Support is given by the shoulder straps and the back strap of the bra, the cup is for shaping only..

That poses the next question. Wire or not?

A bra cup with a wire does not necessarily give you better support. Your breast will hang over the wire or just spill out underneath. The wire in a bra cup pushes the breast inward and upward and is a good choice if your breast is far apart, or if most of your breast tissue falls towards your arms.

But if you are big-breasted and have a lot of breast tissue at the cleavage area, the wire will push your breast upward and make bulges, like bread dough that has risen too much, and you will have a “double breast look” and a non-wire bra will possibly be more suitable.

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The best way to test whether the wire fits the shape of your breast is to sit down and lean forward, if the wire between your breasts move away from your body and you can store your cell phone in that space, then the wired bra is not for you. The wire must sit snugly against the body or your breast will push it down onto your ribcage and it will hurt.

Stand in front of a mirror, relax your shoulders and turn sideways. Your breast point (nipples) should be halfway between your shoulder and your elbow. If this is not the case then your bra is either the wrong size or style.

So, in a nutshell:
  • Your bra should be comfortable 24 hours a day. If not, you are most likely wearing the wrong size or style.
  • If your bra rides up your back, it is too big around the body.
  • If excess breast tissue is popping out of your bra cup consider a bigger cup or a different style.
  • If your breasts are spilling out under your arms, the bra style might not be suitable.
  • Underwired bras should not cut into any flesh. If you have red marks, it is the wrong style or size.
  • Shoulder straps should fit firmly on your shoulders without slipping off or leaving welts.
  • Any wired bra that sits on the breast tissue under your arms is the wrong size or style.

A good fitting bra will allow you to take the shoulder straps off your shoulders and you should still be supported.

Bras come in three distinct control strengths namely light control, medium control and firm control.

For large and well-developed full breasts (E (DD), F (DDD), G, H, J and K cups), choose a firm control bra. Shoulder straps should be wide or non-stretchable. This will prevent the straps from cutting into the shoulders.

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