Whether your cup runneth over, or your cup is quite empty, please treat your breasts with the care they deserve and wear a

good fitting bra!

Comfit was founded in 1995 by Natie Spangenberg, and has been dedicated to improving the life for women who underwent breast surgery, as well as for women who just wants a beautiful, but well-fitting braThe business grew so vigorously that she had to move to larger premises within a year.  The business branched into two divisions:

 A working practice that fit and supply post-mastectomy patients with external breast prostheses and post-mastectomy bras, and is registered with most medical aids.

The other division is a retail lingerie store that caters specifically for the fuller figure, “big and beautiful” women and for women in general who have problems finding a well-fitting, comfortable bra that is also beautiful. We do not have sales personnel, we have trained corsetiers and we make the fitting experience enjoyable and uplifting! We stock Glamorise, Anita, Rosa Faia and Comfort, from sizes 30A to 56J.

Our Mission

Our mission, at Comfit has always been to improve the quality of life for women who has undergone breast surgery, by making available to them external breast prostheses and bras of the highest quality, as well as our expertise to guide them to a normal life again.

About Your Breasts

The main function of our breasts is to house our mammary glands, milk-producing lobules which resemble bunches of grapes, embedded in fatty tissue for their protection. Large breasts have the same number of milk-forming glands as small breasts, but there are more fat present. This does not mean that all fat women have large breasts and all thin girls have small breasts.
Breasts are held in place on the pectoral muscle by Cooper’s Ligaments and a triangle of skin called “the natural bra” which extends from the chin to the base of the breast and outwards towards the shoulder. This ”fan” acts like the straps of a bra, and it is the condition of this skin which determines the shape, position and firmness of the bust.
The Cooper’s ligaments are a network of strong fibers which hold the breast firm in position through the pectoral muscle and onto the rib cage, but, once overstretched, they do not regain their elasticity. Then you have Cooper’s Droop! And Cooper’s Droop is not good, and you want to avoid that at all cost!

Research at the University of Portsmouth in the UK has shown that the breast of a woman wearing an ordinary 36C bra while running on a treadmill, bounced 9 cm with every step, after one mile, each breast had travelled 143 meters. The breast of a woman wearing a G-cup bounced a whopping 14 cm with every step and traveled 230 meter over the mile! By wearing a good sports bra, this bounce factor was reduced by 74%.

So, to prevent your breast from jumping up and down like a yo-yo during sports activities, choose a sports bra that provides firm support under the breast and also comes quite high over the top of the breast. Choose a bra with firm wide straps, and this will also prevent painful indentation on your shoulders. So, whether you are just jogging or go wild horse-riding, you need to be well supported.

The Cooper’s ligaments can be protected by good support that will minimize the “bounce” as far as possible.