Breast Care

Comfit imports and stocks External Breast Prostheses and Post-mastectomy bras of the highest quality.
Breast Forms are manufactured from different materials, depending on how they are to be worn. They are created in a wide range of styles, sizes and textures to suit the lifestyle and needs of the patient after breast surgery.


Core Shapes


Triangular-shaped breast forms are often more suitable for younger woman with a firmer pectoral muscle, where less breast tissue was removed.


Teardrop-shaped breast forms have a full profile and are suitable for women who had underarm clavicle tissue removed.

Core Styles

Traditional Breast Forms

Triangular and Teardrop are full weighted, natural drape, lifelike breast forms that restore balance.

Lightweight Breast Forms

These Breast forms are 30% to 35% lighter than the Traditional Breast Forms and are ideal for bi-lateral mastectomy and the elderly/lymphedema and active women. Innovative silky soft feel, offers softness and suppleness. The lightest, most comfortable breast form available.

Partial Breast Forms

Traditional silicone with silky soft film, to provide more even breast shapes following less extensive surgeries/lumpectomy/reconstruction/asymmetry. It may also help re-balance uneven breast size or shape after reconstruction.

Post-surgery And Leisure

Post-surgery breast forms are specially designed to wear immediately after surgery, and can be worn quite comfortably during the healing process of eight weeks before the silicone prostheses are fitted. It is also very suitable for leisure activities.

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There are breast forms available that is very versatile and can be used for all active and leisure activities such as yoga, gardening, exercise classes, jogging and of course, swimming. Restoring the body’s natural symmetry and balance, with breast forms available in so many different shapes, sizes, textures and weights, it can sometimes be difficult to know which choice is the best. Our professional fitters will be able to guide you and you may call our fitting advisors for help and advice at helpline 011 660 4514 or email

Post-mastectomy Bras

 Post-mastectomy bras are now available for every body and dress type and for every occasion – From T-shirt bras, lace bras, leisure bras and bras with detachable shoulder straps that can be worn halter neck or criss-cross at the back.

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Post-mastectomy bras were designed with added features:

  • Pockets in soft, breathable cotton fabric to hold breast form securely.
  • Good separation between cups.
  • Generous underarm support to cover lymph node removal surgical sites.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps that are wide enough to support comfortably without cutting into the shoulders.

A bad fitting bra may damage your breast prosthesis and your breast is as good as the bra that carries it. A properly fitted bra is comfortable and enhances your appearance, it is therefore advisable to go to a trained fitter/corsetier.

The breast surgery patient is our main aim.

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